DICKWET READERS: best/worst sex stories #28- Face down, Ass off.

“I was getting to know this really bad chick. She had the absolute fattest ass ever.  I was stunned I even bagged to be honest. We would talk everyday. I was getting tired of talking tho,I needed to fuck her ASAP. 

So one night i picked her up from work. It was like 4am, and all I can think of was putting my dick in every possible hole on her body. I’d fuck that bitches belly button. 

We got back to my crib and she was acting a little funny. I don’t have the patience to talk about feelings. You know exactly what you came here for so don’t act stupid now ma. I grabbed her ass just to be fucking around and that shit felt funny. She moved back mad fast and asked to use my bathroom. I looked at her strange and she ran off. I laid in bed waiting for her but she was taking mad long. All i can think about was why her ass felt so weird when i grabbed it. 

She came out the bathroom butt naked so i was OD with it. Until she turned around and that ass that made me bag her in the first place was missing. BITCH WEARS BUTT PADS? I fucked her still because duh thats guaranteed pussy BUT as soon as we were done and she tried to get comfortable I told her I’m calling her a cab and to not forget to put her ass back on.

Where the fuck do you bitches even buy panties with ass in it? The nerve.”